Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Digital Academy and the Digital Marketing Institute so good?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the number one global professional certification body for the digital marketing industry. Not only does it deliver courses and certification pathways that are proven to boost learners’ careers, it’s backed by industry giants who help to create and validate what’s in the courses, so the content is always on point and up to date. Learn more about DMI here. 

Digital Academy is the exclusive education partner of the Digital Marketing Institute in the Asia Pacific region. If you’re based in this area and want to take a DMI certification, we’ll be the ones delivering the local help and learning guidance you need to make the most of your course. Our Australian-based team will get you enrolled and started on your certification journey, and support you right through to your exam. Find out more about us here.

What’s it like to study online?

Studying online is obviously a world away from an old-school classroom setting. There’s no campus to attend, no set class times, and no textbooks to lug around. You can learn at your own pace, fitting your learning around your busy schedule. It’s ideal for driven and independent learners who really want to upskill and make a difference to their career. 

DMI courses are the ultimate designed-to-be-studied-online learning experiences. Because they’re crafted by digital veterans with guidance from international digital marketing experts, they’re as fun and easy to use as you’d expect.

What support is available?

As a Digital Academy learner, you’ll get your own instructor who you can email or DM any time for guidance with any parts of the course you’re finding particularly tricky. You’ll also be able to reach out to our administrators and course consultants in the unlikely event of any technical difficulties. All this support is available for the full term of your course, as well as while you’re preparing for your exam.

What do I need to do to apply for a course?

Forget submitting a stack of paperwork including verified transcripts, application essays, entrance exam results and your mum’s brother’s cousin’s best friend’s goat’s birth certificate. It’s pretty much the simplest application process of any internationally recognised course provider. All we need is some personal contact info. Then you’ll have a chat with a course consultant about your reasons for studying, and your career goals, to make sure you’re in the course that’s right for you.

What’s the difference between the courses?

The best way to get to know what’s in the courses, and what makes them unique, is to explore the main courses page. Each course page has comprehensive detail on what’s included, right down to topics and bonus content. You can also sort and refine courses based on whether they lead to full professional certification, or whether they’re for quick upskilling on a particular topic (short courses).

When do courses start?

That's the good news! If you're happy to study online, there are no intake dates for Digital Academy courses. Anyone can apply at anytime that suits you. If you need to chat with a Course Consultant, give us a buzz and we will walk you through the enrolment form. Otherwise, click on Enrol Now and you're on your way to starting your new course. The only thing you need to bring is a keen interest in digital marketing!

Can I complete these courses anywhere?

You sure can. If you've signed up to study online, that means you'll complete all your coursework on your laptop, tablet or desktop. You can even complete exams at home, via online procturing. 

Where will my qualification be recognised?

As an accredited Digital Marketing Institute course, your qualification will be recognised by employers and colleagues all over the world.