23 September 2021

What does a digital marketer do?


What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing is a broad term. But basically, it refers to all marketing done using an electronic device or the internet.
Using online media channels, digital marketing is the way businesses endorse and promote their goods, services, and brands.

But what does a digital marketer actually do?

There are many different career paths in digital marketing, you can either work across a range of different areas or you can choose to focus on one or two skills to set you apart.

It’s a good idea to find out what types of things you’ll be doing as a digital marketer, so you can decide if it’s the right career choice for you. There’s a range of different skills a digital marketer needs. So let’s take a deeper look at what a digital marketer does.

So if you’re the type that likes to be outdoors a lot, digital marketing might not be the right choice for you. But if you’re technical, like a challenge, and you’re happy to get a bit analytical about things, then digital marketing could be just right.

Demand for digital marketers is high

If nothing else, the last two years have further highlighted the need for businesses to have an online presence. With the global pandemic came a range of restrictions for businesses. That meant many had to change the way they operated. So now, more than ever, many businesses have to rely on their digital footprint to drive sales.
And that’s good news for digital marketers. Demand for their services is high. So that means future job prospects are high for people with the right skills.

What is a digital marketer?

The goal of a digital marketer is really not so different from a regular marketer. They need to understand their customer’s needs and then communicate with them letting them know how they can meet that need.

Digital marketers need to:

  • use data to understand their audience
  • know their customer’s pain points
  • use their customer knowledge to inform them about their product or service
  • Digital marketers are responsible for increasing the volume of traffic to the company’s website and generating new leads.
  • The difference with a digital marketer is the way they do this. The communication methods they use are online.

What does a digital marketer do?

Many digital marketers work remotely, so you may not be in the same office, city, or even country as many of your colleagues. Because in most cases you can work from anywhere it opens up a whole lot of opportunity for jobs further afield than you may have initially thought.

So what does a typical day look like for a digital marketer? Well for many there’s no typical day.

What you do each day will depend on:

  • the size of the company you work for
  • if the business is consumer-facing, or business-to-business
  • the goals you’re working to achieve
  • the area of digital marketing you work in

Below are some examples of the types of things you might do as a digital marketer:

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Preparing and posting SEO content on the website
  • Monitoring and improving search engine rankings
  • Creating email marketing material
  • Maintaining and analysing online campaigns and your online performance

What skills and qualities does a digital marketer need?

If you’re the type of person who loves things to be a little faster-paced than digital marketing could be a good option for you.

Digital marketing can provide a lot of variety and diversity in what you do each day. But it’s important for you to have the skills that employers are looking for. And as you progress in your career, you’ll likely become more specialised, focusing on one or two areas.

Digital Marketing qualifications

One of the best things you can do is get a qualification that shows an employer you’ve got the skills they need.
There are so many courses to choose from. So how do you find one that will give you the best chance of getting a good job when you finish?

There are a few key things you should look for:

  • Is the course recognised?
  • Does the course provide you with flexibility so you can balance study with the rest of life’s commitments?
  • Is the course supported by professionals with experience and expertise?
  • Is the course regularly updated and relevant?

Digital Academy offers a range of digital marketing courses from full certification courses to short courses to sharpen your skills.

Operating in the Asia Pacific region, they provide tailored advice and guidance to students. The learning support you get is from experienced digital professionals.

And with headquarters in Australia, that means they’re operating in your timezone. That’s good news for supported learning when you need it.

Plus you’ll get the qualifications you need to secure a job. Digital Academy has partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute who are globally recognised as leaders in digital marketing certification.

Attributes of a digital marketer

Before you decide if being a digital marketer is the right option for you, consider if you have some of the following qualities that will be beneficial as a digital marketer:

1.Problem-solving skills

Challenges, trends and the ever-changing world of Google and social media platforms means sometimes problems will be inevitable. It’s how you deal with them that will set you apart from others.

2. Communication skills

Engaging with your audience is one of the most important skills of a digital marketer so good communication skills are essential. Plus you’ll need to be able to communicate with your team and managers.

3. Ability to adapt

Technology is a revolving door. Google and social media platforms regularly change the way they do things. And sometimes with not much notice. Being able to adapt is important for the business and its customers.

4. Curious mind

Being responsive to technology trends and changes is important. Things are constantly changing so being interested, keeping up to speed, and continuous learning will keep your skills relevant.

5. Analytical skills

Digital marketers rely on analytical tools to improve what they do and how they do it. Being able to read and interpret data means better decisions can be made.

Types of jobs in digital marketing

Every business should have a Digital Marketing Strategy. Bigger businesses will likely have a few people in the digital marketing team, implementing their strategy. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may outsource their digital marketing, or employ someone that’s capable of doing it all.

Some of the positions you can get as a digital marketer include:

  • SEO Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Automation Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Regardless of what type of job you decide you want, the important thing is you get the skills an employer is looking for. And you keep updating them so you keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Digital marketing courses for digital marketing jobs

If you’re thinking of a career in digital marketing or you’re already in the industry but want to sharpen your skills, Digital Academy offers quality certifications and short courses giving you valuable skills employers want.
With self-paced online learning, you can get your certification while balancing the rest of your commitments. Plus you get supported learning, with headquarters in Australia and operations solely in the Asia Pacific region.

Get in touch with a Digital Academy Course Consultant to discuss which certification or course is the right one for you. Whatever you choose you’ll be getting an accredited Digital Marketing Institute course recognised by employers and colleagues all over the world.

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