UX and Web Design

What’s the difference between a polished, professional website and an average one? Do you know the design elements? This course covers the essentials of graphics, user testing, project managing website optimisation and more.



11 Hours of self paced learning


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Course Type

Short Course

Course overview

This course is made up of bite-sized modules designed to get you confident and up-skilled in no time. Get familiar with current best practice and core principles around web design and user experience. 


  • Five (5) interactive modules
  • Includes complimentary DMI membership
  • 11 hours (self-paced) of learning content
  • Practical templates to use in your work
  • Associate-level certification

Skills & Competencies

  • Google Analytics
  • Web Design & Optimisation
  • Project Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • UX Design
  • Graphic Design Principles



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What will I learn?


5 Modules • Approx 11 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Website Design and Problem-Solving (1hr 36min)

What are the questions you need to ask when you’re creating your website? This module covers creating a stunning and always useable site from scratch, as well as solving problems with existing sites. 


  • Web Design and Website Optimisation
  • Publishing a Basic Website
  • Importance of User Experience
  • 5 Usability Principles that Make Visitors Stick
  • Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills

Case study:

  • Slack: Blowing Up the Business Communications Realm
Module 2: Design-Led Websites and eCommerce (3hr 21min)

If your store site isn’t easy to use, visitors are far less likely to become customers. After this module, you’ll feel much more confident in solving your customers’ usability problems.


  • The Principles of UX Design
  • Visual Design: Best Practices
  • UX Patterns for Web
  • The Power of Design-Led Content Marketing
  • UX Prototyping and Testing
  • Implementing Good UX Design


  • Do Your Webpages Pass the Five-Second Usability Test?
  • Optimising an eCommerce Website Design and UX
  • 4 Simple Steps For Easy, Affordable eCommerce Success

Case studies:

  • Setting up an eCommerce Business
  • ASOS: Setting the Trend with Innovative Digital Strategies
  • Amazon and eBay: Learning from the Online Retail Giants
Module 3: Graphic Design and Creative Skills (1hr 33 min)

Just because you’re not a full-time graphic designer, doesn’t mean you can’t confidently direct the aesthetics of an online presence. Learn what makes content that users love – consciously and subconsciously.


  • Enhancing Your Creativity
  • Graphic Design Principles and Best Practices
  • Design Foundations: Brand Guidelines and Consistency
  • Design and Building Graphics


  • Content Ideation Template
  • Style Elements Template and Worksheet

Case studies:

  • Glossier: A Thoroughly Modern Beauty Brand
Module 4: SEO for Websites (2hr 12 min)

Your customers aren’t the only ones looking at your website. Find out how search engines ‘read’ your site, and how to optimise a site to make it rank higher in search results.


  • Inbound Channels: Search Engine Marketing
  • The Growth of eCommerce – and How to Optimize a Website for Mobile


  • On-Site SEO Audit Handbook

Case study:

  • Why SEO is Changing and How Best to Respond
Module 5: Tracking Websites and Project Management (2hr 7min)

So you’ve finally got a website you think looks and works beautifully. But do your customers feel the same way? Find out with the data and analytics skills you’ll pick up in this module.


  • Project Management
  • Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account
  • The Best Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing
  • 3 Ways Little Data Trumps Big Data for Delivering a Superior User Experience
  • Setting Goals with Google Analytics


  • One-year Gantt Calendar Template
  • Funnel Conversion Reporting Toolkit

Case study:

  • Tinder: Taking Dating into a Dystopian Future?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of this UX and Website Design course?

USD$375 in total.

Are there any tests or assignments?

There’s just one online 40-question multiple choice exam to pass at the end of your course. Once you’ve completed this successfully, you’ll be awarded your associate-level certification.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to upskill quickly in web design from a user experience planning point of view. This means marketing professionals, product managers, business owners and managers – anyone ready to step up. The bite-sized structure makes it ideal for busy professionals of all backgrounds.

Do I need marketing qualifications or experience?

There are no prerequisites for this course. Though it might be an advantage to have some experience, this course is designed to be suitable for total beginners. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for great user-centric web design.

How long does it take?

Check out the detailed outline above for info on how long each module takes. You have 12 weeks to get through all the modules. That’s less than an hour a week study commitment. However, you can also complete the course faster if you like. It’s up to you.

What if I need to learn more?

Digital Academy offers a variety of courses in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute. Depending on your career goals, any one of these certifications or short courses could be a great next step for you. Check out the main courses page or ask your course consultant for more info.

UX and Web Design


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