Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How do websites end up ranked highly in Google search results? Learn what makes a well-optimised site, from content and usability to mobile optimisation and more. Get confident with building a high-performing SEO strategy from the ground up.



9 Hours of self paced learning


100% Online – On Demand

Course Type

Short Course

Course overview

This short course is designed to get you up to speed and talking SEO like a pro in no time. It’s also made to keep you engaged and switched on, with a blend of reading, listening, watching and interactive content. Cover the basic knowledge and current best practices of search engine optimisation in a matter of hours.



  • Five (5) interactive modules
  • Nine hours of learning content (at your own pace)
  • Free DMI membership included
  • Associate-level certification
  • Toolkits and templates to use forever

Skills & Competencies

  • Search Rankings
  • Agile Thinking
  • Website Performance
  • Visualising and Reporting Data
  • Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Strategy and Evaluating
  • Problem Solving
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO



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What will I learn?


5 Modules • Approx 9 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Getting Started with Search Ranking (1hr 10min)

Your introduction to the very basic principles of SEO, and how sites get to that #1 spot on page 1 of search results.


  • Fundamental Principles of SEO


  • The Complete Guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO


  • Improving Your Search Presence with Joe Williams
  • The Key Elements of SEO: A Visual Guide
  • Why SEO is Changing and How Best to Respond
Module 2: Problem Solving and Improving Website Performance (1hr 40min)

How do you improve the performance of a website that’s currently not up to scratch in the eyes of search engines? This module helps develop your knowledge of SEO with practical applications.


  • Improving Technical SEO
  • Implementing SEO in a Mobile Environment
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills


  • 5 Usability Principles That Make Visitors Stick (and Boost Your SEO)
  • 3 Ways to Create Mobile-friendly Content
Module 3: Optimising On-Page and Content Performance (2hrs 30min)

There’s an art to creating content that works for your customers and for search engines. This module focuses on content performance and on-page optimisation.


  • Improving On-Page Optimisation
  • Keyword Research


  • On-Site SEO Audit Handbook and Toolkit
  • Five Steps to Picking Profitable Keywords
  • Aligning Keywords and Existing Content


  • Voice Search Webinar: Presentation
  • Booking.com: A 5-Start Marketing Performance
Module 4: Collaboration: Enhancing Off-Page and Local SEO

Did you know there are things that aren’t even a part of your website that can affect its rankings in search results? Learn how to make the most of off-page elements, including some that can be critical to local SEO results. 


  • Improving Off-page Optimisation
  • Successful Collaboration
  • Improving Local SEO


  • Guest Blogging Guide and Toolkit
  • 5 Tactics to Get Great Customer Reviews
  • Offline-Online Attribution with Google Maps


Module 5: Strategy and Evaluating Performance

How do you set a strategy that encompasses every element of SEO? And how do you know if your SEO work is paying off? This module brings together everything you’ve learned so far, with a focus on measurement and efficiency.


  • Implementing Strategic SEO Practices
  • Measuring and Reporting SEO Campaigns
  • Evaluating the Performance of SEO Content


  • Targets and KPIs: Essential Toolkit
  • Content and Channel Matrix Template
  • Getting your Search Marketing Campaign Up and Running

Case study:

  • SEO Webinar with Joe Williams Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this course?

USD$375 is the total price of the course.

What assessments do I have to do?

There’s just one short (40 questions) multiple-choice exam at the end. You can do the exam online from home. A passing grade in this exam leads to an associate-level qualification.

How long does this SEO course take?

There’s around nine (9) hours of learning content, and you’ll have 12 weeks to complete it. That’s less than an hour per week if you spread it out – but of course, you’re welcome to complete it faster if you like.

Do I need marketing experience?

Not at all; there are no prerequisites, and it’s designed for total beginners. You’ll start with the fundamentals so you can confidently take on the rest of the modules.

Who is this SEO course aimed at?

Anybody who needs to upskill quickly in SEO, and is ready for a bit of a challenge. It’s great for entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, as well as marketing professionals. The bite-size learning structure makes it a great fit for busy professionals from all walks of life.

What’s next after I pass this SEO course?

Depending on your career goals, you can move on to one of the other digital marketing courses delivered by Digital Academy in partnership with DMI. Check out the main course page or chat to your course consultant for details.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


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