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Join a community of postgrads from marketing, business, IT and more

The Postgraduate Diploma isn’t your mum and dad’s grad school experience. It’s a premium postgraduate course where advanced concepts are broken down into bite-sized, interactive modules. You’ll learn digital strategy, leadership and management, CX, social media, search and more in a learning management system that’s as easy to use as it is good looking. It’s the ideal for busy professionals ready to take the next step in their career. 



  • Five key learning modules
  • Practical toolkits and templates
  • Free membership and access to our on-demand content hub
  • Hours of additional exclusive content

Who should enrol?

  • Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers and Digital Marketing Managers who want to take their career to the next level
  • Directors and senior executives wanting to formulate their digital marketing strategy and improve their approach to digital initiatives
  • Those who want to move into digital marketing
  • IT Managers, Product Managers, Sales Managers who want to broaden their skills in their organisation
  • Students who want to advance their digital marketing skills



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What will I learn?


5 Modules • Approx 16 Months of Learning Content

Professional and Digital Skills for Marketing Practitioners

This module will provide you with insights into the factors propelling business evolution and how digital marketing empowers businesses to not only survive but flourish in today’s dynamic yet unpredictable landscape.

  • Managing Marketing Activities
  • Communications Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing and Customer Experience
  • Introduction to Data Privacy, Protection, and the GDPR
  • Website Optimisation
  • Digital Channels
Search Marketing and Demand Generation

In this module, you will delve into the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, and e-commerce. Additionally, you will gain insights into the advantages and limitations of both online and offline marketing channels.

  • Introduction to Search Marketing
  • SEO Setup and Content
  • Optimizing SEO
  • Paid Search Fundamentals
  • Managing Paid Search Campaigns
  • Demand Generation
  • Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Next, you will cultivate advanced, practical competencies for assessing the performance of social media campaigns, executing intricate multi-channel social initiatives, and showcasing a profound grasp of crafting an actionable social media content strategy.

  • Social Content Marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Twitter (X)
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube and Social Video
  • Social Media Apps
  • Customer Service using Social Media
Digital Marketing Analytics and Planning
Digital channels offer businesses extensive datasets and analytics, which, when effectively harnessed, can yield valuable insights. However, it is imperative to grasp the art of utilizing this data for making informed decisions.
This module will furnish you with a holistic perspective on analytics and elucidate how data and analysis can be wielded to construct a resilient digital marketing strategy.
  • Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Google Analytics and Search Marketing
  • Search Planning
  • Search Execution
  • E-Commerce Planning
  • Email Marketing Metrics and Planning
  • Social Commerce and Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media KPIs and Planning
  • Driving Business Performance with Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Business Strategy and Management

This module invites you to delve into strategic theories, offering insights into the role of strategy in the business landscape. You will explore a multitude of tools and techniques accessible to managers for evaluating both internal and external business environments. Furthermore, you will delve into the concept of competitive advantage and apply strategic methodologies to propose enhancements that foster growth within your organization.

  • Managing the Strategy-Making Process
  • External Analysis – Opportunities and Threats
  • Internal Analysis – Distinctive Competencies, Profitability and Competitive Advantage
  • Corporate Strategy – Diversification, Integration and Outsourcing
  • Strategic Purpose – Ethics and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Managing a Digital Team
  • Building a Digital Team
  • Digital Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose this course over a campus course?

Online study is perfect for busy professionals with the independence and drive to do things their way. It’s flexible, convenient, and easy to fit around your busy schedule. You can get a qualification, and get ready to step up in your career, without the same investment (time and money!) as a full-time on-campus course. It’s a great way to get to where you want to be if you are:

  • Looking to improve your earning potential the way our graduates have
  • Ready to make a change without waiting for life to magically slow down
  • Show potential employers your advanced digital knowledge

Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma work in a variety of senior positions. In fact, surveys show that over 80% have gone on to secure coveted roles and titles like Digital Marketing Manager and Head of E-Commerce.

How much does the Postgraduate Diploma cost?

The current fee is USD$4914.00

This includes all of your course materials, as well as tons of resources and tools you’ll use in your course and beyond, including sandbox accounts, webinars, tutorials, podcasts, eBooks, and more.

Do I need current experience in digital marketing?

No – the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing is focused on the big-picture commercial aspects of this field. While some experience may help, the course is designed to be suitable for professionals and graduates from a variety of backgrounds. The introductory modules will give you the practical context and refresher knowledge you need to confidently tackle the more advanced learning opportunities as you progress through the course. 

How do I apply for this course?

Application Process:

  • Speak with a Course Consultant.
  • Get answers to your questions and receive guidance as you navigate your career transformation.
  • Online Application – Complete an application form.
  • Submit Documentation – Submit a copy of your university transcripts, identification and English proficiency documentation (if your primary degree was not through English).
  • Enrolment – You will get notification from us on whether your application is successful.
A Bachelor’s degree (minimum 2nd class honours) or relevant work experience (minimum of 3 years)
2023 Enrolment Dates
1st May, 1st July, 1st September and 1st November


Where will my Postgraduate Diploma be recognised?

Digital Academy and DMI have partnered to offer industry-validated digital skills training throughout the Asia Pacific region. DMI certifications are recognised globally, with students and graduates in over 100 countries. While it is NOT an AQF qualification, the Postgraduate Diploma has been credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. 

What are the assessments like for this course?

To further reinforce your learning, you will also undertake a range of assessments designed to apply your knowledge to real-life projects.

Depending on the module, these may include case studies, a presentation, a digital marketing strategy, or a channel plan. You will also get an opportunity to submit a draft or an outline of each assessment for feedback and discussion.

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing


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