Paid Media (PPC)

Need to upskill in paid media? This short course is for you. You’ll develop skills in PPC (pay per click) campaign optimisation, search marketing, eCommerce and how to present your awesome results in a visually impressive report.



8 Hours of self paced learning


100% Online – On Demand

Course Type

Short Course

Course overview

Get ready to work on PPC campaigns as soon as you’ve completed this course. You’ll learn through a blend of reading, videos, webinars, interactive multimedia, walkthroughs and more. 


  • Four (4) interactive modules
  • Practical templates you can use right away
  • Eight hours of learning (at your own pace)
  • DMI membership included in fee
  • Associate level certification

Skills & Competencies

  • eCommerce
  • Paid Media
  • Visualising and Reporting Data
  • Productivity
  • Presentation Skills
  • Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Managing and Improving Campaigns
  • Problem-Solving



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What will I learn?


4 Modules • Approx 8 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Search Marketing and eCommerce (1hr 31min)

Focusing on eCommerce helps you develop your knowledge of PPC and search marketing in a practical and challenging way.


  • Paid vs Organic Search – Striking the Right Balance
  • Best Alternatives to Google Analytics
  • Marketing on Amazon: A Major Rival for Google?
  • 5 of the Best eCommerce Platforms
  • A Quick-Start Guide to Google Shopping

Case study:

  • eCommerce Webinar: eCommerce and Content Insights with Marijana Kay


  • Savvy Insights into Google Ads
Module 2: Productivity and Creating Optimised Campaigns (1hr 48min)

Now you’ve got the basics of PPC down, it’s time to learn how to optimise your campaigns to make the most of your resources. This also includes increasing your overall productivity to help hit those targets sooner.


  • Increasing Your Productivity at Work
  • Creating a Paid Search Campaign

Case study:

  • ASOS: Setting the Trend with Innovative Digital Strategies


  • Google Ads Creator Template
  • Five Steps to Picking Profitable Keywords
  • PPC Campaign Toolkit
Module 3: Managing and Improving Campaigns (2hr 10min)

How do you adjust PPC campaigns on the go, to continually improve and streamline your budget? This module is about managing and improving campaigns in real time.


  • Managing a Paid Search Campaign Budget
  • Optimising a Paid Search Campaign


  • Media Budget Tracker


  • Optimising a Paid Search Campaign
  • Omnichannel Marketing
Module 4: Visualising and Presenting Results (2hr 45min)

You know you’ve created and run an awesome PPC campaign. But how do you get that across to your stakeholders? This module will show you how to create impressive reports with charts and visualisations that tell the full story of your success.


  • Reporting on the Success of a Paid Search Campaign
  • Improving Your Presentation Skills
  • The Best New Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Reporting, Visualisation, and Presenting Data


  • Targets and KPIs: Essential Toolkit
  • Master Your Presentations
  • Funnel Conversion Reporting Toolkit


  • Watch & Learn: Excel Walkthroughs with Cathal Melinn
  • Digital Channels

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this PPC course assessed?

At the end of the course, you’ll need to complete a quick 40-question multiple-choice exam to make sure you’ve absorbed all the learning material. It’s an online exam that you can take at home. A passing grade leads to an associate-level qualification.

How long does this course take to complete?

There’s around eight (8) hours of content to work through in this course, but you’ve got 12 weeks to do it. Of course, you can complete the course faster if you wish. Once you’ve passed the exam at the end, you’ll get your associate-level certification.

How much does this course cost?

For just USD$375, you get all your learning content, support, and the assessment at the end.

Do I need marketing experience to get in?

Not at all – this course is designed to get total beginners up to speed too. You’ll start with the basics so you’re familiar with the overall concept of PPC, before moving on to more advanced content.

Who is this course meant for?

Business owners and managers looking to get more from their PPC spend, marketing all-rounders looking to upskill quickly, and sales professionals in need of a better understanding of how PPC fits into the sales funnel. Also, anyone else who’s responsible for (or works on) PPC campaigns at work. The only prerequisite is that you’re keen to upskill in paid media quickly. 

What’s the next step after this PPC course?

Want to keep ramping up your digital skills and knowledge? Check out our full range of short courses and professional certifications. If you’re not sure which one is the ideal next move for your digital career, chat to a Digital Academy course consultant today.

Paid Media (PPC)


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