Get ready to shake up your organisation’s eCommerce results. This associate certificate level course develops your skills and knowledge in user experience (UX) design, customer experience (CX), conversion rate optimisation, and messaging.



11 Hours of self paced learning


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Course Type

Short Course

Course overview

This short course is designed to help get you ready for a fresh career start as an eCommerce specialist.  You’ll learn the basic principles and current best practice in eCommerce through a dynamic mix of reading, video, interactive multimedia, plus toolkits and templates you can use in your work forever.


  • Five (5) interactive modules
  • Associate level certification
  • DMI membership included
  • Practical templates and toolkits
  • 11 hours of learning content (self-paced)

Skills & Competencies

  • Principles of UX
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Experience
  • Inbound and Outbound Channels
  • Agile Thinking



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What will I learn?


5 Modules • Approx 11 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Websites and UX (2hr 56min)

Your customer’s choice of whether to buy from you is massively influenced by the design of your website. Learn what makes a good user-friendly design.


  • The Principles of UX Design
  • Importance of User Experience
  • Key Features of E-Commerce Websites


  • UX Writing for eCommerce Sites: A Practical Guide

Case studies:

  • Setting up an eCommerce Business
  • Amazon and eBay: Learning from the Online Retail Giants
  • ASOS: Setting the Trend with Innovative Digital Strategies
Module 2: SEM and Sales Channels (2hr 37min)

A gorgeous user-friendly website is no goof if your customers can’t find you. Learn how to attract customers who are already looking for what you have to offer, using search marketing and social media tools.


  • Inbound Channels: Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Channels: Email, Affiliate, and Automation
  • Optimizing a Paid Search Campaign


  • Content and Channel Matrix Template
  • A Quick-Start Guide to Google Shopping


  • SEO Content and Social Media
  • Optimising a Paid Search Campaign
  • How to Drive Sales with Affiliate Marketing
Module 3: Traffic, Awareness and Consideration Channels (1hr 37min)

There are tons of different ways customers can reach your website. The way they get there has a big impact on what they do once they’re there, from browsing to buying right away. This module covers choosing the best channels for your goals.


  • Inbound Channels: Social and Content
  • Outbound Channels: Display and Video Advertising
  • The Best Social Media Metrics to Focus On


  • Buyer Persona Template
  • Digital Marketing Budgets: The Full Toolkit


  • The Best Digital Marketing Channels with Mark Evans
Module 4: Conversion Rate Optimisation (2hr 12min)

How do you turn a website visitor into a happy customer? This module covers the tools you need to maximise your conversion rate, including website analytics.


  • Creating E-Commerce Conversion Opportunities
  • A Complete Guide to eCommerce Conversion Optimisation
  • Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates


  • Targets and KPIs: Your Essential Toolkit
  • Funnel Conversion Reporting Toolkit
  • Channel Performance Tracker

Case study:

  • Booking.com: A 5-Start Marketing Performance


  • Omni-Channel Marketing with Derek Liddy
Module 5: Improving the Customer Experience (1hr 59min)

Keeping eCommerce customers happy is a journey. It doesn’t end when they hit that ‘buy’ button. Learn how to map out the whole customer experience and design your website to suit their overall needs. 


  • The Basics of CX
  • Enhancing Your Creativity
  • Agile Thinking
  • Changing the Customer Experience


  • Seasonal Planning Checklist and Calendar
  • One-Year Gantt Calendar Template

Case studies:

  • Glossier: A Thoroughly Modern Beauty Brand
  • eCommerce Webinar Q&A


  • Optimising an eCommerce Website: Design and UX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total price on this eCommerce course?

The course fee is USD$375 in total.

What assessments will I have to do?

There’s just one assessment at the end of the course. It’s a 40-question exam, made up of multiple-choice questions. You can take the exam online at home. A passing grade leads to an associate-level certification.

Who is this eCommerce short course for?

Marketers looking to focus on eCommerce, sales professionals ready to deepen their understanding of eComm, small business owners moving into eCommerce, and established business owners looking to make the most of their current eCommerce operations. And anyone else who’s ready to upskill quickly in eCommerce digital marketing. 

Do I need to have marketing experience?

No! This course is designed for total beginners, although some experience might give you a head start. You don’t need any particular professional background.

How long does this eCommerce course take?

The course is broken up into bite-size sections, so it’s easy to fit around your busy schedule. You’ll have 12 weeks to complete all the modules, which is approximately 12 hours’ worth of learning content, taken at your own pace. You will then need to complete the online exam to get your associate-level certification.

What’s next after this course?

This course gives you a great foundation for tackling one of our longer courses. There’s a whole range of short courses, professional certifications and diplomas that could be the right next step for your career goals. Explore the courses pages for more info, or chat to your course consultant. 



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