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There’s a lot that goes into creating an effective digital display advertising campaign. Learn the principles of digital display, including graphic design essentials, display campaign strategy, managing your ad budget, and more.



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Short Course

Course overview

Need to start achieving great display ad results yesterday? This course is your key to upskilling and getting confident with display. You’ll learn through a practical and always-relevant mix of reading, video, interactive content and more. 


  • Four (4) interactive modules
  • Seven (7) hours of learning (at your own pace)
  • Associate-level certification
  • Templates and toolkits you can use at work
  • Free DMI membership so you can stay up to date

Skills & Competencies

  • Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Measuring Data
  • Script Writing
  • Graphic Design



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What will I learn?


4 Modules • Approx 7 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Project Management and Planning an Advertising Campaign (1hr 6min)

An efficient and effective display campaign starts with a well-resourced plan. Learn how to scope out a digital advertising campaign with a focus on project management skills.


  • Fundamentals of Display Advertising
  • Project Management


  • Buyer Persona Template
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Brief
  • Digital Media Plan Template
  • One-year Gantt Calendar Template
  • Content and Channel Matrix Template


  • Omni-Channel Marketing
Module 2: Creativity and Preparing an Advertising Campaign (2hr 1min)

To plan a display advertising campaign that hits all your targets, you have to know each platform inside out. This module helps develop your creative skills so you can confidently prepare awesome looking advertising content that works.


  • Setting Up a Display Advertising Campaign
  • Enhancing Your Creativity
  • Graphic Design Principles and Best Practice
  • How to Make Videos Without Hiring a Professional
  • How to Write a Video Marketing Script


  • Brand Style Elements Template
Module 3: Creating a Display Advertising Campaign (2hr 0min)

Once you’ve planned everything out and got your creative content together, how do you actually create and kick start a campaign? This module covers strategy, creation and targeting basics. 


  • Creating a Display Advertising Campaign
  • Targeting and Bidding in a Display Advertising Campaign
  • The Beginners Guide to Programmatic Advertising
  • Using Google Ads for Video

Case study:

  • Tinder: Taking Dating into a Dystopian Future?
Module 4: Data, Collaboration, and Optimising Campaigns (2hr 19min)

Take your display ad knowledge even further in this final module, focused on making the most of your campaign data. Learn to work with others on campaigns and understand the story your reporting is telling.


  • Measuring and Optimising Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Successful Collaboration
  • 6 Tips to Re-engage Your Audience
  • Working With Others

Case study:

  • Best Practices for Working with a Digital Agency


  • Media Budget Tracker
  • Targets and KPIs: Your Essential Toolkit


  • Creating Successful Content and Advertising Strategies with Brian Lavery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Digital Display course cost?

It’s USD$375 all-inclusive; the course fee covers all learning content, support and exam fees. Plus we throw in a DMI membership free of charge.

What about assignments and exams?

Not a fan of essays? No worries – there’s just one multiple-choice exam at the end of this course. It’s online, so you can even do it from home. Once you’ve passed, you’ll be awarded your associate-level certification.

How long do I get to work through the modules?

There’s around seven hours of learning content for you to work through at your own pace. The good news is you can complete it as fast as you like. And if you’d rather take it slow, you’ve got up to 12 weeks to work through everything. That’s less than an hour a week study commitment!

Do I need marketing experience to do this course?

Not at all; it’s designed for total beginners. You won’t need particular technical knowledge to make the most of this course.

Who is this course for?

This Digital Display course is designed for marketing pros who want to upskill quickly, as well as marketing and admin all-rounders, business owners and managers, and sales staff. It’s suitable for anyone who will be responsible for leading or working on digital display advertising campaigns.

What’s next if I want to learn more?

There’s a range of short courses offered by Digital Academy in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute which could help you build towards your career goals. Or you might discover that you’re ready for a full professional diploma or certification course. Explore your options on the main course page today, or get in touch with a course consultant to discuss your next move.

Digital Display


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