Customer Experience (CX)

Your digital customers’ needs are changing all the time. Learn to stay one step ahead of their expectations. This course covers everything from tracking and analysing their world to creating feedback loops for continual improvement.



8 Hours of self paced learning


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Course Type

Short Course

Course overview

Ready to step up and become a go-to customer experience expert? This short course is designed to get you career-ready in CX. With a dynamic blend of reading, video and interactive content, you’ll never be bored.


  • Four (4) interactive modules
  • Templates and tools you can use in the workplace
  • Eight hours of learning content, at your own pace
  • DMI membership included (free)
  • Associate-level certification

Skills & Competencies

  • Customer Experience
  • Metrics and Performance
  • Customer Personas
  • Strategic Thinking
  • CX Basics
  • Designing for CX
  • Agile Thinking



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What will I learn?


4 Modules • Approx 8 Hours of Learning Content

Module 1: Customer Experience: Agility and the Changing Nature of Customers (3hr 37min)

Customers’ needs change quickly. This means you need to adopt an agile digital strategy approach. Learn what agility means and how it applies to digital customer experience. 


  • The Changed Buying Process
  • The Basics of CX
  • Introduction to CX in the Digital Environment
  • Agile Thinking


  • Audience Research and Listening Tools
  • 7 Tips on Getting to Know Your Customers Better
Module 2: Designing CX: Placing the Customer at the Centre (2hr 18min)

Customers need to be at the centre of your decision-making and activity. Learn how to develop an outstanding customer experience from the ground up.


  • Assessing CX
  • Designing CX
  • Adaptability in the Workplace

Case study:

  • Glossier: A Thoroughly Modern Beauty Brand


  • Buyer Persona Template
Module 3: Optimising CX: Authenticity and Involving Customers (1hr 40min)

There’s no point just guessing what your customers want when they can tell you themselves. Discover how to gather timely feedback and adjust the customer experience to suit. 


  • Becoming a Strategic Thinker
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Changing the Customer Experience
  • Social Customer Service Strategy

Case studies:

  • The Fyre Festival & Authenticity in Marketing
  • REI: An Outstanding Social Media Success
Module 4: Measuring CX: Data, Metrics and Visualisation (1hr 42min)

Other than sales stats, how do you know your carefully crafted customer experience is hitting the mark? Learn how to find, analyse and make reports based on key sources of customer experience data. 


  • Social Customer Service Metrics and Performance
  • Increasing Performance with CX
  • Reporting, Visualisation, and Presenting Data

Case study:

  • McDonald’s: Through the Golden Arches to Global Dominance


  • 5 Tactics to Get Great Customer Reviews
  • How to deal with fake online reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this short course cost?

The Customer Experience (CX) Short Course is USD$375 total. Ask your course consultant for more details.

What assessments do I need to complete?

There’s just one exam, and you can do it online from home! The exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions, and you’ll need to get a passing grade here to get your associate-level certification. 

How long does it take to complete this CX course?

Not counting the exam, there are approximately eight hours of learning content. You’ll have up to 12 weeks to work through the learning, so it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Do I need any marketing experience to do this course?

You don’t need any particular marketing experience to do this course. It’s designed for total beginners from all different professional backgrounds. All you need is a strong interest in the total customer experience.

Who is this CX course meant for?

Anyone who’s involved in or responsible for crafting the customer experience at their organisation. This means small business owners and managers, marketing all-rounders, sales leaders, and more. You don’t need a particular background to make the most of this course.

What’s the next step after this course?

Digital Academy delivers a range of short courses and professional certifications in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute. Whether you want to continue on a specialist pathway or become an all-round certified digital marketing professional, there’s a DMI course that’ll get you upskilled and recognised sooner. Explore the main course page or ask your course consultant.

Customer Experience (CX)


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