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Social media drives incredible changes for business, communities and societies. As a certified specialist in social media marketing, you’ll have the power to shape that change in meaningful and measurable ways.



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Course overview

Successful social media marketing isn’t just about learning the technical side of each platform. You’ll need to know how to build flexible and data-driven digital strategies that tap in to why people use social media. This course is made up of ten building blocks that take you from a blank slate to a comprehensive plan.


  • 10 Modules of social media learning
  • 25 hours of content available in bite size pieces
  • Templates and toolkits you can download
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Who should enrol?

  • Experienced digital marketing professionals who want to shape and lead the competition online – not just react to it
  • Sales professionals wanting a deeper understanding of social as part of the sales funnel
  • Marketing managers who need more purpose and accountability in their social strategies
  • Marketing all-rounders who’ve gone as far as they can trying to self-teach social media marketing
  • Career changers with a particular interest in social media 
  • Social media marketers looking for a recognised certification



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What will I learn?


10 Modules • Approx 30 Hours of Learning Content

Social Research

Do you really know your audience as well as you think? Digging down into the data might reveal some surprises. Learn what your target markets do, feel, think, and love (and the opposite). 

This module guides you through methods to develop solid strategies based on real up-to-the-minute data on your audiences. Staying across industry movements and cultural trends is a lot simpler than you may think, when you build research into your work plans. You’ll lean how to make sense of the huge volumes of social data available to you as a marketer, and what to pay attention to in order to have the greatest impact.

Social Content

Great content is the cornerstone of meaningful engagement on socials. It’s not just a question of quality over quantity. You need to know what your people want to see, what they like to share, plus how and when they want to see it. 

You won’t find the answers to these questions with lucky guesses. These days, there are tons of content management and analytics tools at our disposal. This module walks you through the key tools, including social listening and competitor analysis. 

You’ll learn what you need to consider when designing and planning content, the different content formats across platforms, how to schedule content effectively, and how all these things come together under a content strategy.

Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest

There’s a reason Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the backbone of so many social media marketing campaigns. There are tons of opportunities to connect with audiences in long-lasting, high-impact ways. This module guides you through:

  • the unique strengths and weaknesses of each platform
  • how to build your community
  • creating clickable ads that engage each audience
  • analysing data from each platform to improve your overall strategy
  • scheduling, replying, meme-ing, and managing each platform

Twitter stands out from other platforms for its fast-paced, punchy style of content delivery. It’s known for being the platform where users and brands get to show off how clever they are. The premise of a limited character text post forces you to be succinct, witty and engaging. This draws in an audience with a surprising set of characteristics. 

This module shows you how to make the most of what makes Twitter special, including:

  • what an outstanding Twitter account looks like
  • how to use Twitter Ads Manager
  • which Twitter Ad format to choose for your campaign
  • using Twitter Analytics to refine your content
  • creating snappy, smart, shareable content

LinkedIn is a globally networked community of professionals from all different industries. This makes it the perfect place to showcase your organisation’s professionalism and the finer points of your USPs. But it’s also easy to mess it up by hitting the wrong tone. Too casual and you’ll miss the mark with LinkedIn audiences. Too formal and you won’t be relatable and contemporary where it matters most. 

This module walks you through how to strike the right balance. You’ll also learn about:

  • text ads
  • sponsored ads
  • sponsored InMails
  • display ads
  • dynamic ads
  • best practice
  • overarching LinkedIn strategy
  • campaign measurement
YouTube and Social Video

Social video is an incredible tool if you use it right. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, think what value video brings. It’s a great way to communicate so much, with such nuance, in a tiny amount of on-screen real estate. The good news is you don’t need a film degree to create great YouTube videos and social video content – just the right strategy and planning tools. This module walks you through video essentials including:

  • setting up and managing a YouTube channel
  • creating strategies for production and utilisation of video content
  • how video works together with other media across platforms
  • building online video audiences
  • using video advertising
  • understanding video analytics
Social Apps (TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitch)

There are so many new and niche apps on the rise. TikTok trends come and go, Snapchat filters go from cool to cringey in the blink of an eye, and finding your audience through hours of content on Twitch is exhausting. This module will show you how to not only navigate these on-the-rise platforms, but how to master them!

You’ll learn all about the different features of each platform, creating the right content, and the paid ad opportunities available. You’ll also learn how to decide which of these apps is right for your brand, and how to tap into your niche market within the apps.WitWIth

Social Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

With all eyes on social media, it literally pays to be connecting your store to your socials. Through this module, you’ll be shown how your social media profiles and presence can boost your sales, and how you can use your e-store data to target and retarget your most likely customers on social media.

You can also tap into affiliate marketing – a way of earning money by promoting another company’s products and services. Influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders all have massive audiences that you can reach. Collaborating with influencers provides another trusted, genuine voice to your brand on social media.

Social Customer Service

An increasing number of brands incorporate social media as one of their customer service channels – if not the main channel. The personalised and interactive nature of social media experiences makes it a great platform for helping customers feel respected, acknowledged, welcomed, and treated like people (not account numbers). Customer service is a huge part of marketing, because it’s a huge part of brand experience. And the right social customer service can help you strike the right balance here. This module covers valuable basics and insights like:

  • which platforms work best for social customer service
  • training social customer service agents
  • how to build online support communities
  • how to run ongoing online support programs
  • peer-to-peer customer communities
Social Strategy

This is where it all comes together. You’ve got the technical skills for each platform, the background knowledge for each type of content and interaction, and some solid standalone techniques for delivering your organisation to its audiences. Now it’s time to bring together what you know into a social strategy that’s well-balanced, dynamic, and data-driven.

In this module, you’ll learn how to go from zero to a tested and refined social media marketing strategy, including:

  • research (internal, external, proactive, forensic)
  • deep social listening
  • setting actionable objectives
  • defining your KPIs
  • responding instantly to analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the assessment for this social media marketing certification?

To demonstrate your knowledge, you’ll need to pass a two-hour exam. You will need to score at least 60% to pass. This exam is run by Digital Academy and DMI’s computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue. There’s a global network of test centres, so there’s sure to be one near you.

Please note that your examination fee is already included in the course cost. However, if you need to re-sit the exam to achieve a passing grade, there is a small fee. This is paid directly to the testing centre when you book in for your second go.

Do I need a marketing background to do this course?

No! Anyone can apply for this certification. However, there are a few things that’ll make it a lot easier. Firstly (and this one might be a bit obvious), you need to have an interest in social media marketing! Whether you’re a social media native or just dipping your toes into socials for work purposes, you need to have a keen interest in how it all works, and why. The structure of the course means you’ll start with the basics (or certify what you already know) and work from a practical point of view, so it’s OK if you’re a total beginner.

How much does this course and certification cost?

This specialist professional diploma, including all learning access, support, and exam fees, is priced at USD$1,299.

Who should take this course?

Independent learners who are ready to make a change. Professionals looking for a recognised certification they can use to stand out of the crowd and prove their abilities to prospective employers and clients. Business owners, managers, and all-rounders who recognise the importance of social media marketing to their business success. In short, it’s for anyone who sees how important real social media marketing skills are going to be for the future of their career.

Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist


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